Making Materials

So we're just a week out from our first ever wedding expo and the excitement is beginning to ramp up as all of the planning and preparation begins to turn into actual tangible things like flyers and inserts for our give-away bags.

Without a doubt, the best thing about having a lolly cart (or candy cart depending on where you're from!) is that we'll have a ready made excuse to be able to handout lots of lovely lollies on Sunday! Plus we're really excited to be including one of our brand new design business cards in every give-away bag we hand out. We know that's not particularly exciting for you guys, but we really love them!


We've seen the floorpans and know where we'll be and who we'll be next to, so if you are coming to the Love & Marriage Expo on 22 July in Perth, be sure to swing by and see us...just be quick to make sure you get hold of one!

Little Lolly Cart Perth Expo Advert.png

And finally, to book your Little Lolly Cart today, head over to one of the following pages!