Alternative Uses for the Little Lolly Cart

In what has been a fairly surprising discovery for us, we’re finding that somewhere around 25% of our recent bookings have been from people who are looking to do their own things with our carts.

When we started offering ‘Cart-Only Hire’ options, we really assumed that people might want this just so they could add their own lollies or introduce their own decorations. However, now that Little Lolly Cart is becoming more well known, we’re finding clients are falling in love with the cart as a great alternative to a standard table or display stand when presenting products.

So with that in mind, we thought we’d put together this outside of the box guide to using the Little Lolly Cart as an alternative to display stands and exhibition tables for product launches or other events!

Freebie Handouts

At the beginning of November, we were thrilled to be contacted by an event management company overseeing the promotion of Mojo Kombucha at the Perth Color Run. They utilised our yellow and white canopy to fit their overall colour theme, added some of their own decoration and then displayed their products which were being given away as samples.

It made a fantastic addition to their sponsor area as runners completed the course and grabbed their freebies and the vintage style of the cart fitted perfectly with their organic/natural branding.


Fruit Platters

Whilst we personally love lollies and really believe that they can be perfect as treat as part of a balanced diet, we do understand that not everybody wants lollies at parties. So why not hire a cart and use it as a really quirky way of presenting fruit platters!

Plates of pre-cut fruit, bowls of apples and pears, jars of strawberries and cream; you could even riff on the crate idea used by Mojo Beverages in the image above…the only limit is your imagination and it really stands out over a boring table!


In what is probably one of the most beautiful uses we’ve seen of one of our Little Lolly Carts, the clothing retailer Forever New used the cart to hand our bouquets of flowers to customers who signed up to their Forever You Rewards programme. Working in conjunction with Floral State florists, they put together this amazing effort and given the amount of likes it attracted on Instagram, it seems we weren’t the only ones to love it!


Retail Cart

Perhaps you have small products to sell but are struggling to find a way to display them in a way that catches your customer’s eye? We think the list of potential items is pretty much endless, but we’ve had comments from people that it would be great for things like fruit, veg, eggs etc at a farmers market given its vintage style.

In truth, homemade arts and crafts would also be a fantastic fit and right on trend. Likewise, handmade jewellery or small artwork would also work very well.

Exhibition Stand

You’ve been to expos and conventions right? Row after row of cloth-covered tables. All the same size. All the same height. BORING!

Our cart turns heads and looks great at exhibitions and is a great alternative to a display table, in fact we’ve even been asked where they can be bought…unfortunately they are hand-crafted by us and not for sale, just hire. Take a look at one of our carts at a wedding expo below:

Photo Credit:  Kruger Photography

Photo Credit: Kruger Photography

So there are just a few ideas on what you can do when you choose to take one of our Cart-Only Hire options and - whilst we think that the carts look best with lots of yummy lollies displayed on the them - we can’t wait to see what the super-creative people of Perth manage to come up with!