Littlelollycart.COM booking conditions

We believe that it is in everyone's interests to be clear and transparent about what to expect; it keeps things simple!

So when you book a lolly cart with us, here are the conditions that will apply. If you've got any questions or need clarification on any points, please contact us.

1. Deposits

When you book, we will request a non-returnable deposit of $100 or 40% of the package price (e.g. if the package price is $500 then the required deposit would be $200), whichever is more. 

In the event that you cancel your booking, deposits will be refunded in accordance with the scale detailed in 'Section 3. Cancellation' below.

2. Payment

Payment of the deposit amount detailed in 'Section 1. Deposits' is due at the time of booking.

Payment of the remaining balance (being the cost of the package less the deposit amount) is due prior to your event commencing. We will send an invoice to you 28 days prior to your event. If payment is not received prior to the event starting, we reserve the right to refuse to provide the cart and any associated items or services for your event.

3. Cancellation

In the event that you decide to cancel your Little Lolly Cart booking, the following will apply:

  • Cancellation more than 90 calendar days before your event = 100% deposit refunded & no remaining balance payable
  • Cancellation between 90 and 28 days before your event = 0% deposit refunded & no remaining balance payable
  • Cancellation between 28 days and 2 days before your event = 0% deposit refunded & 50% remaining balance payable
  • Cancellation less than 48 hours before your event = 0% deposit refunded & 100% remaining balance payable

Cancellation should be given in writing. Where you choose to cancel verbally (e.g. by telephone), cancellation will only be valid where you receive written confirmation of the cancellation from us.

4. Rescheduling

Bookings can be rescheduled with no additional charges provided that you notify us at least 28 days prior to your event. 

5. Changing Packages

If you wish to change the package you have booked for your event, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate this, however we reserve the right to not alter the package.

Where you wish to downgrade your package to one of lower cost than that which has been booked, you must provide us with at least 28 days notice prior to your event.

If the package is altered, the remaining balance will be adjusted to reflect the cost of the new package less any amounts already paid (such as the deposit). If the deposit received is less than that which would have been payable had the new package been booked originally, we reserve the right to request the additional deposit amount.

For example: A deposit of $100 has already been paid for a package. The new package requested would usually require a deposit of $150. Little Lolly Cart reserve the right to request the $50 difference.

6. Cart Setup & Moving

We require 1 hour in order to setup the cart and any associated decorations and - assuming the cart is to be set up prior to the start of your event - will require access to the venue at least 1 hour prior to your event start time. The cart also requires a floor space of at least 2 metres X 1.5 metres and a height clearance of 2 metres (note: these are not the dimensions of the cart but an indicator of the minimum amount of space needed to allow people to access it.

By booking you confirm that your event venue can cater to both of these requirements.

Once the cart is set up, it may only be moved by an employee or representative of Little Lolly Cart.

7. Cart Removal

We require 30 minutes to dismantle and remove the cart following your event. We will confirm the cart removal arrangements with you by separate correspondence once your booking is made as to the exact time removal will take place. For example: Where an event is to conclude late at night, neither you, us or the venue may wish for it to be removed that night. 

8. Photography

Unless you request us not to, we will photograph the setup of your lolly cart including at the event venue. Any photographs taking may be used for promotional purposes.

9. Your Own Products & Decorations

We do not allow you to add your own lollies, candies, sweets or other edible items to those provided as part of a package, this is for insurance and product traceability purposes. 

Under no circumstances should any banners or decoration be attached to the cart by anyone other than a Little Lolly Cart employee or representative.

10. Damage

Our sweet carts are professionally made and painted, customers are not permitted to stand drinks on the carts as this may result in staining and water damage. Any damage to the sweet carts caused by drinks or glasses will incur a charge. Missing items or damaged items will be charged at the full replacement value, we will not accept any substitutes.

11. Complaints

In the unlikely event of any dissatisfaction on your part, please inform Little Lolly Cart within 10 working days of your event taking place. We reserve the right to refuse compensation with any complaint received after 10 working days after your event has taken place.

12. Safety Disclaimer

Please be advised that some lollies/candies/sweets may contain or have traces of nuts or nut oils, they may also have been in contact with products and sweets containing nuts. Little Lolly Cart will not be held responsible for any issues resulting from any food allergies.

Customers should ensure that young children are supervised at all times to avoid the risk of suffocation or choking from plastic  wrappers or plastic bags. Little Lolly Cart will not be held responsible for safety issues which occur from the use of our equipment or consumption of our confectionery at your event.