Information for Event Planners

We truly believe that a Little Lolly Cart brings an elegant, fun twist to the standard table-based lolly buffets and we love to work with event planners who are looking to provide their clients with alternative, uncommon ideas to make their events really stand out from the crowd.

Little Lolly Cart at Joondalup Resort

Little Lolly Cart at Joondalup Resort

What We're Like to Work With

When you are planning an event the last thing you want is uncertainty or last minute panics.

When you choose us to set up at an event you are coordinating, we will be clear about what we need in terms of space, time etc and we will always confirm arrangements with you in writing following any conversations. Our belief is that if you enjoy working with us you will want to recommend us and our amazing carts to your clients.  

Although we are a small local business, we pride ourselves on presenting ourselves and our business in a bright, smily and professional manner at all times.

What We'll Do

Our Little Lolly Carts are fully collapsible to allow for easy transport and setup in harder to access venues so we take care of the delivery of one of our lolly carts to the event venue and will liaise with the venue beforehand to establish if there are any restrictions that may affect setting up (e.g. access times, unloading restrictions etc).

We then construct the lolly cart on the day of the event in the exact location you would like it placed in. If you are just hiring a cart and will be styling and stocking it yourself, then we'll be back at the pre-arranged time to dismantle and remove it.

If you have booked a Little Lolly Cart with lollies and decorations then we will set these up as well as filling all of the jars with lollies that you specified as part of the booking. We place any surplus lollies in the tray under the cart so that glasses can be replenished during the event. We make sure that any rubbish and packaging is removed and then return at the pre-arranged time to clear away any remaining lollies, remove the decorations and then dismantle the cart.

Little Lolly Cart used by Mojo Beverages at the Perth Color Run in Langley Park

Little Lolly Cart used by Mojo Beverages at the Perth Color Run in Langley Park

Little Lolly Cart’s Halloween Setup at Bunnings Harrisdale

Little Lolly Cart’s Halloween Setup at Bunnings Harrisdale

Insurances, Registrations and Food Handling

When you choose to work with Little Lolly Cart, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have Public Liability insurance ($10,000,000) and are registered with our local authority as an exempted food business (City of Melville).

In addition, we have completed the City of Melville and Environmental Health Australia food safety training programme, a copy of the assessment outcome can be viewed here so you can be sure that everything we do is compliant with food handling best practice.

Let's Talk!

If you are interested in working with us for one or more of the events that you are coordinating, please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements or - if you've already taken a look at our packages and know what you need - check availability and book online.

We look forward to working with you in the near future!