Lolly Selection


ONE of the most common questions we get is…


The great news is that we have found a fantastic local supplier right here in Perth, Western Australia who has what is probably the largest selection of lollies in Australia! That means that we can get our hands on pretty much any sort of lolly, candy or chocolate you can think of; they even have lollies to meet dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free) and also some overseas brands too.

Rather than trying to list down every sort of lolly we can offer and then build that great big list into our booking system, we will contact you once you've booked to confirm what types of lollies you'd like. Of course, if you're happy for us to do some or all of the picking then we will, but if you have specific lollies in mind, then head on over to and take a look and the massive selection they have!

Of course, if you felt like going slightly DIY, you could always choose to hire our cart and glassware and do the lollies and decoration yourself!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.